Entertainment — AS Golden Ring


Multi-entertainment complex «Golden Ring» welcomes you to taste dishes, cooked in the best traditions of European and Russian cuisine.

Wedding and corporate parties, anniversaries and birthday parties, children's parties, show-programs and other festive events can be organized.

Infrastructure of multi-entertainment complex «Golden Ring»:

Club-restaurant «Razguliaevo»

The restaurant «Razguliaevo» is a reputable place for respectable people. The spacious 180 seat restaurant offers the visitors dishes of Russian and European cuisine. It is the best place banquets, festivities, presentations and wedding parties.

Sauna «Edem» (Eden)

The sauna «Edem» belongs to the fitness center. Here you can regain that is lost … in exotic sauna atmosphere of the first paradise «Eden» - pool water, jacuzzi bubbles, massage,  karaoke and leisurely billiards games – you will find the lost paradise.

Restaurant «Vostochnaya skazka» (Oriental fairy tale)

A new restaurant of multi-entertaining complex «AMAKS Golden Ring» welcomes you to plunge into the world of beauty and luxury of the fantastic Orient and to enjoy exotic oriental cuisine in a cozy individual booth.

Russian restaurant-museum «Super Kuzmich»

It is a kind of "iconic" restaurant of popular Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Its interior is designed in slightly exaggerated theatrical manner where genuine ancient antiques and a fantastic bear-waiter are used as scenery. From its window you can see a full-sized view of the Mid-Russian wood with living squirrels, attracting idyll of Russian petty bourgeoisie in motives of famous romances and, certainly, piercing spirit of a generalized image of "Russian Kuzmich” with whom for sure you will want to be photographed.

Restaurant «San Remo»

Restaurant «San Remo» capacity is to 60 people and it will allow any visitor to relax in its comfortable interior, andmeals of our Chef will bring true pleasure to all.

Italian cuisine is famous for its elegance and good taste. Italy itself is famous for great artists, singers, designers. And its food - conquers us all! In our restaurant «San Remo» you will be able to choose exactly what suits your mood and situation. 

«Café del Mar»

A light touch of surrealism of «the café by the sea» will help you to forget about time and problems. You will take pleasure in coffee odour, a calming hookah and pleasant talk with people dear to you.

Cocktail-bar «Tropikana»

Latin tunes, palm trees, beach party and exotic cocktail at sunset. If you saw it you will always recollect it, if you did not, then you can imagine.

Strip-club «007»

If you like to be the focus of attention of the most sexual girls, to feel unfetted and easy - a new strip-club «007» is set up especially for you! Program admission for men: 500 Rubles, for women: 800 Rubles everyday from 22:00 till 5:00 (except Monday and Tuesday). You will have the excellent recreation!

Game Zone

Guests  of AMAKS Golden Ring  can enjoy a game simulators, play American pool and  bowling.

Additional services of multi-entertainment center:

  • Lady-buffet: festive presentation of a layer cake (with guests’ participation)
  • Confectioner's shop: wedding cakes with individual design, round loafs, patties, buns
  • Hall decoration (balloons, textile, ribbons)
  • Entertainment show-programs (complete working out):
  • Ancorman and DJ
  • Dancing companies of the city and district
  • Singers and performance companies
  • Folk music groups
  • Comic-show groups
  • Gypsy performance groups
  • Fakirs
  • Animators
  • Children’s parties (every Sunday from 12:00 till 15:00).


Address: Chaikovskogo-str. 27, Vladimir, 
Receptionist: +7 (4922) 400-800, 548-807
Banquet manager: +7 (4922)42-06-79

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